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Meet Celine


Meet Celine

Written by Yannick



Can begin a discussion

in rench switch in english with some spanish and finish in chinese


life and family

Only few people in the world has the ability to spread good vibes by just a smile or a short discussion.

Celine is one of them and bring happiness to every people who luckily crossed her path.

She also has a high sense of details and can see what ordinary people cannot see.

She is the most tenacious, determined and thoughtful person I ever know.

That can be seen during one of her marathons or charity runs that she will miss for nothing else in the world.

She kept her great child's soul that bring innocence to the world and permits to see the best in the worst.

Speaking about child's soul, she continues to have 3 hours daily call with her mom and be a princess with more than 100 dresses in her closet.

After 14 years of relationship, I continue to discover day after day her goodness and I am sure that you will notice this God's gift in a timely manner.

Her laugh makes birds fly away and makes her nephew cry



Family as 1st value

Big fan of Afrobeat and she can demonstrate her groove

Parisian girl with 300 dresses in her closet and she wears it

Thor as super hero for his blond hair