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This page will help you to understand why and how to select a Vancouver engagement photographer.

If you are engaged and you are beginning to plan your wedding day, we are sure that following lines will help you.

One of the most important point is to get great and wonderful photos of your wedding day, isn’t it ?

A first step to begin your wedding journey is by getting engagement photos idea.

You are probably overwhelming by a lot of questions about engagement session like :

  • Why should I do engagement photos?

  • How to choose the best engagement photographer in Vancouver ?
  • You don’t know where to go for your engagement photos in Vancouver ?
  • You don’t know how to dress for the engagement photoshoot ?

  • What to wear for engagement photos ?
  • What kind of engagement photo dress should I suppose to wear ?

  • When should I do my engagement photos ?

  • How to pose for an engagement session ?

  • My fiancé doesn’t want to look awkward,

Let’s try to answer all the questions you might have on this page.

What is the added value C&Y can have on your engagement photoshoot ?

Help on Outfits for couple photoshoot

We developed a “how to dress” guide which helped all our customers to select the best engagement outfits for couple photoshoot.

This guide is sent at every booking confirmation.

Best Locations for engagement photos

We have selected a huge selection of engagement locations within Vancouver area :

Mountain, city vibes, cliff or beach backdrop ?

Looking stunning

We are all feeling awkward for a photos session, so no worries, it is normal !

We developed a photography method.

We are focus on showing your laughs and natural beauty on all shots.

Without a doubt, you will be surprised by how you look stunning, natural and happy on your photos.

C&Y’s candid shots are the best to get emotion, natural shots and moreover it makes every couple at their ease very quickly during the engagement photoshoot.

At the end of the photoshoot, we will feel like we had known each other forever.

Why should I do engagement photos?

Some of the photographer package come with an engagement session once you booked your wedding package. You would maybe think an engagement session will waste your time and money?

Well, we are going to detail you why you should begin your wedding journey by doing first an engagement session.

We are all shy or feeling awkward in front of the camera (no, we are not professional models for a living) but we always recommend having an engagement session with your photographer.

As clients, it is important to get to know your photographer: how your wedding photographer is working, is guiding you in your poses etc…

As photographers, it is important to get to know your clients:

Every client is unique and it is necessary to explain to them how you will make them comfortable in front of the camera.

Because this is also a part of our job: listen to you, make you comfortable and have some fun!

At the end, it is all about connection and establishing a relationship before your wedding !

1. To select and connect with your wedding photographer

How to make sure to have photos that you want for your wedding ?
Undoubtedly, by booking the right photographer based on her/his skills but moreover on the feeling between you and the photographer.

You will then ask us but how to judge feeling between you and the photographer ?
The answer is by doing an engagement photoshoot with the photographer then you will be able to see her/his style.

Every customer and every photographer has different approach, it is mandatory for everyone to make sure that is gonna be a good match on your wedding day.
At the end of the session, both you and photographer will know if this is a good match or not (GO-NOGO) for your wedding day.

2. To get Ideas for save the date invitation pictures

Engagement photoshoot is great to get something adorable for :

  • The save the date
  • Invitation
  • Guest book
  • Or even the center pieces at wedding

Plus you can use these engagement photos for the “Save the date” and have a good overview of photographer’s skills on you.

If it is not working with the photographers, you waste a few bucks on this session but not your wedding pictures.
Better to waste few bucks rather than waste your wedding photos right ?

Engagement photoshoot location in Vancouver

To have wonderful engagement photos, there are 2 factors :

  • Your outfits
  • The location

To choose the right location for you, it has to either be :

  • a beautiful spot with mountains, forest, beach or downtown backdrops
  • a special place for you like your first kiss place or your proposal spot.

How to dress for an engagement photoshoot ?

One of the questions our couples ask us often is, “What should we wear for an engagement session?”

Well, as photographers we are here to guide you and to make your pictures as much as beautiful! And this is an important impact on how your pictures will turn out

But as Coldplay said: Don’t panic! We are here to help you, we will go through some of our frequently asked questions by our lovely clients:

  • What do we LOVE in an engagement session?
  • What to wear for Vancouver engagement photos ?

1. What to wear for Vancouver engagement photos ?

We have developed “how to dress” guide which helped all our customers to select the best engagement outfits.

We have several capsules with base colors and accent colors.

This C&Y’s guide is sent once our amazing client booked with us.

2. A dress for Vancouver engagement photos ?

Short answer : Yes, a dress is always great.

For men : A Shirt with a nice pant (not a jeans).

When should I do my engagement photos ?

Engagement photos should be taken within 2 or 3 months of getting engaged. We recommend to do it in this timeline and that way, you don’t have to think about to hire a photographer while you will be in the middle of your wedding journey.

Here are some guidances by season:


If you like the beach vibes, don’t be afraid to go barefoot! Navy blue + white is the best combo for beach engagement session.

One of our favorite things in summer engagement is also the sunset and the golden hour.

We recommend to wear floral dress and bring props like hats.


Spring is our favorite time to have an engagement session.

The weather is not too cold and Cherry blossom time is finally here!

We recommend to wear bright colors for the bride-to-be whereas for the groom, we recommend dark blue, ocean or light green.

Avoid matching your colors together


What we love in fall is the Indian summer colors.

Another option is pumpkins of course and all the accessories that you can add on your photos.

Good props like a scarf, a hat or a plaid are a no-brainer


If bad weather strikes during your winter session, don’t be afraid to prepare some wintry accessories:

  • umbrella,
  • a faux fur coat,
  • a scarf
  • or even a tuque

How to pose for an engagement session ?

If you want to come prepare for posing during your photoshoot, we recommend having a look into our pinterest account.

However, we believe that is photographer job to make you comfortable and at your ease.

We will always begin by a warm-up at the beginning of the session that will make you comfortable in front of our cameras.

After few minutes, you will forget us and just express your love that we will make sure to capture.

Yes, we will provide guidance during the session however it is just guidance and we let your love and craziness going forward along the session 🙂

As you may understand, we will ask you to rely on us for that part.
If we succeed, it means that we are a good match, we will feel both comfortable going on the next step : your wedding day if you are willing too.

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