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Family crossing a train path

Kingston & his parents

Looking for a family photographer in Vancouver?

You’ve come to the right place! 😉 We’ve been doing photography for almost 10 years now and I’ve been enjoying meeting you at the sessions in Vancouver for 2 years. The family photo site was born from a passion and will continue to be so for years to come.

Time goes by quickly, the family grows and the children change so quickly that it is sometimes good to take the time to freeze for a few moments.

Do not hesitate to contact me to make an appointment or to get more information about your photo shoot. I also make gift vouchers on request.

Because every event in life deserves to be remembered for a long time, from birth to the last breath.

Because your little ones, your family, your elders, your pets deserve the most beautiful portraits.

Because you love them!

Personalized sessions, in studio, at home or outdoors.
We will see together according to your style what is best suited to your tastes and your family, and according to the season.

Packages available for small families or for the extended family (grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc.).
Don’t wait any longer, your family is changing too fast, and after all, they are your most precious possession!

Here is a glimpse of several adorable families that have been created over the years. Curious about my family photo packages? Visit my rates page! To get an idea of a session with one and the same family, just click HERE!

Recently, two newborns appeared in my close environment and I realized how much I had forgotten about these moments.

So, I searched through my personal photos, and I remembered. Because that’s the magic of family photos, they are keys to our memory. They bring back memories and the feelings that go with them.

When I looked back at the photos of my newborn nephews, I also realized that I hadn’t opened those hard drive folders in years. And that while I was a professional photographer, promoting photo albums and prints, these photos didn’t exist in my life. We talk about the shoemaker with bad shoes?

I also realized that “staged” photos (yes, I took some kitschy photos of kids in a basket with flowers around it) didn’t make my heart beat anymore.
With time, the ones that make me capsize are the photos of everyday life, the natural photos, taken on the spot, the typical expressions of kids, their sulking, their funny things… The photos that open the doors of memory. Have you ever melted when looking at a picture of your child in that “little red tassel vest” that looked so good on him?

The photos that touch us are the ones that look like us, that tell us about us.

That’s why the family documentary is an obvious choice for us. To be as close as possible to family life, to photograph what it is naturally, in an authentic way.

So that my clients have what I consider indispensable, real photos of their family.

See you soon!