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Lighthouse park engagement

Where is lighthouse park ?

Lighthouse park is located on North Shore, West Vancouver, between West Vancouver and Horseshoe bay.

It is very close from Vancouver downtown.

It is about 30 minutes drive by car by taking the road leading to Whistler.

What vibes do we have on lighthouse park ?

Lighthouse park is one of the most magical spots of Vancouver for an engagement session.

The park is :
- Surrounded by beautiful trees,
- Water's edges with cliffs,
The park have :
- The lighthouse itself, it is magical on pictures,
- A view on downtown Vancouver

Why is it the perfect spot for an engagement ?

The park is perfect as you can have a mix of different vibes by being only on one location.
It is perfect if you guys are willing to have different outfits on your engagement photos.

By changing your outfits, you can also have a different background :
- Cliffs with downtown Vancouver and the lighthouse on the background
- Intimate moment in forest with lighthouse park and its big trees.

Our tips for a perfect engagement in lighthouse park ?

Bring props

- A bottle of bubbly to pop it up during the engagement session

- A blanket to create a moody vibes under the big trees

- Always bring hats !

Plan your session at golden hours

- A sunset on the cliff with Vancouver downtown and the lighthouse on background will blow your mind

-Golden hours under big trees is the way to plan !

In summer time and when sunny

- Summer time for engagement session is always better however springs and fall would be ok as well.

- Be aware that is a famous park which might be crowded.

Nelly and Nigel Story :

  • They got engaged on February 21, 2019


  • They have been dating since 2009 so 10 years before they got engaged


  • The anniversary of their first date is February 21, 2009.
    Nelly and Nigel went to White Rock Beach, where they had their first kiss, for their anniversary.They had dinner at Moby Dick’s restaurant and then went for a walk near the pier.
    They sat at a bench and Nigel gave to Nelly a scrapbook of photos of them throughout the 10 years they’ve been together.
    On the last page, there was a note that said “Will You Marry Me?” and Nelly looked up and Nigel was kneeling with an engagement ring.
  • Their sisters and their closest friends were hiding nearby taking pictures of the whole thing.


  • Nigel designed Nelly’s engagement ring through the Brilliant Earth website.
    There was a delay in shipping and it almost didn’t arrive in time for their anniversary.
    It’s a round diamond set in a flower shaped crown with a simple platinum band.
    Their wedding bands are simple bands that Nigel’s mother made.


  • They were lucky enough to have the fall engagement.
    It was the shoot of Nelly’s dreams. being surrounded by beautiful trees thanks to C&Y Photography 🙂