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couple with lake reflexion in pitt meadows

Pitt Lake | Pitt meadows Engagement

Tina & Gene

Their love stories

Tina & Gene is a lovely couple who grew up in our Beautiful British Columbia, so mountains are apart of them.

When we get to know the couple, it was obvious that a mountain background and golden hour would be perfect for them.

There is something magical about the golden hour in British Columbia: you can see the gold and yellow reflected in the mountains and forest, which makes the shoot very special.
Behind the shoot, we want to reflect their love, their craziness, and their unique story.

We are so happy we were able to captures theses precious moments between them and we can’t wait to see them as husband and wife.

• Where did the photoshoot take place?

Pitt Lake | Pitt Meadows in British Columbia, Canada.

• More about engagement photos

Photography is a way to tell a story between people through our cameras: it allows us to create lovely memories and show love through images.

Our goal is to capture unique moments of love and happiness and ensure that all our couples will have a pleasant and memorable experience with us.

• Why doing a pitt lake engagement session ?

Pitt lake is one of the most beautiful area in Vancouver Area.
As a photographer, we discovered some places not crowded which will allow you to express yourself as you are without being shy.

It is a magical spot with different kind of locations from road to lake with path in between.

• Is there a similar spot of pitt meadows ?

The answer to this question is Yes !
We know spot that are way less famous than Pitt lake with nice background as well.
Send us an email to have more info

• What is our recommendation on engagement outfits ?

We developed an how to dress for engagement session.
This guide is send at every booking confirmation to our customer.

Celine is also a great helper to advise you if you have second thoughts about what you should bring.

Like these two, don't forget to bring some props like hats.

• What is the best period of the year to have engagement photos ?

Spring, summer are the best time to have your engagement photos in Pitt lake.

We recommend to plan your engagement session with a clear sky to get the mountains backdrop.
A cloudy day is also nice in Pitt lake engagement but it might not be on your taste, check our latest elopement over there to get an idea of what it looks like.