Catch your unique moments

Civil ceremony

Ensure your post ceremony pictures

When you will be working with your photographer, we ensure to include all the post-ceremony pictures: either for a civil marriage or for a religious marriage, all your post-ceremony pictures should be the same.

Of course, every wedding photographer will have their own list of important moments to shoot, however when you met her or him, make sure to have the pictures that you want

Family pictures

As our vision is and will always be, family is one of the most important things in the world for us.

Either before or after your ceremony, make sure to snap a couple of photos with your immediate family members. We can guarantee you will cherish forever these pictures and will be grateful to have them.

We will help you find a greenery spot on your backyard if you had a backyard wedding ceremony or in your venue.

Friends pictures

What would you be without your girls’ squad and your pals? Well, lost right?

After the ceremony, make sure to have some group friends photos: like family pictures, you can have them before the party starts or arrange to do that after the ceremony.

The wedding party

From two to six bridesmaids and groomsmen, take a handful of your wedding party: you and your girls having fun, groomsmen together, making some toasts and playing some cards, as well as candid shots for your girls’ squad.

Bride and groom pictures

This will be a fabulous moment for both of you: after all this ceremony, this moment will be your moments as husband and wife in the pictures. Wedding candids are our favorite moments: laugh, play, dance, wrap your hubby or wife, kiss but, in the end, love each other.

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