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Do you pay for photographers meal at wedding

Should I feed my wedding vendors or not ?

You will be at the head of a veritable empire during your wedding day.
You will have to accommodate your guests but also a lot of vendors at your service.
These vendors will also have to eat at some points.

A good question is if you are in charge to feed your vendors including your wedding photographer
or it is a standard that vendors bring their food ?

Usually, vendors don’t have much time to eat at a wedding day so they often eat quick and light with some break in between to get a snack.
They will bring their foods, snacks and beverage to be fast and ready for action.

Should I serve the same food to my vendors and guests ?

If you are kind enough to plan food for your vendors, we recommend following the guideline explained on a special meal for your vendors.
Your vendors will not have time to eat at the same pace as your guests, so plan only a main dish without any starters.

If you are willing to serve even a small thing to your vendors, like a slice of cake, they will highly appreciate your kindness.
It will directly act as a benefit to you, as they will provide an even better service to you and your guests.

A wedding vendor is on a high tense work for more than 8 hours, and he has to provide the best every single minutes.
Just think about you being them by providing a bit of empathy.
Imagine what would be your natural reactions after receiving a kind move from your clients.

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