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Farm wedding

And what about a different style for your small wedding ceremony ? If your theme is, link to the nature and rustic, if you want to have wedding pictures with sunflower, goats, cows and shepherds. Why not organize your wedding in one of the numerous B.C farm ?
A good option for you would be to celebrate your love in a farm or a ranch like the one selected by our couple for their unique moment.

Our lovely couple Krys and Sohail have decided to go with a country style and a rural setting for their intimate ceremony, but they didn’t know where to go.

Both Kris and Sohail grew up in farms with dogs and cows. When they discovered the little yellow farm house in maple ridge, they immediately knew that will be their wedding venue.

A couple of friends and few family members attended their day and enjoy a minimalist but nice setup.

A wedding lunch with local products

The yellow farm house has also a café recently opened which can offer wedding lunch menu.
All the food is fresh and locally produced within the farm and cooked by a chef in front of you.

The café is surrounded by a beautiful ornamental gardens with a dining space, tents, gazebos and picnic tables.

In addition to the good and customized food according to your taste, there are also several small houses with dining table which will accommodate your guest during your private event.

Vegetable gift bag for guest to promote local business

K&S had this great gift idea : gave to their guest, a bag with vegetables and fruits as a guest gift bag.
Useful, healthy and original, right ?

Giving lettuce, betel, carrots freshly harvested from the farmhouse is a great way to promote local business and make your guest happy with a rustic and healthy foods gift.

Couple portraits in the farm

Kris wanted to have wedding pictures with a background different from what we used to see. We walked between betel and carrot fields to find perfect spots.

And we found the perfect spots for our lovebirds between prairie dogs dressed with bow ties for the occasion and the sunflowers surrounding the property.

At the end, choosing the perfect spot is all about remembering it with joy. Can you visualize your wedding in the farm venue ? Will you remember this unique moment all your life ?
If the answer to these simple questions is yes, this is the place to book !

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