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First look wedding

Why doing a first look?

During your preparation of your wedding shot lists with your photographer, one of the most important one is the first look. What is a first look? A first look is when the bride and the groom are seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day. It is a special and intimate moment captured each time Yannick and me shoot a wedding.

It is not also a moment with your husband-to-be or wife-to-be, because you can also have a first look with your daddy or both your parents.

The traditional first look with the groom

The first look with the groom is always a big moment before heading to the ceremony: intimate and special moment for them, it is also highly recommended having it, especially if you are a little stressed out. We have been photographing weddings now for over nine years, and we continue to find that weddings with a first look always tend to be smoother before the ceremony. It will give you some peace, some joy and some tears (we guarantee it!)

The father-daughter first look wedding photos

The moment between the groom and the bride is one of the most important shot in your wedding list, however the father daughter first look is always a priceless photo between the bride and the Father Of the Bride. This moment has to be captured after the bride getting ready and before her first look with the groom.

I (Céline) always remembered that my dad was hugging me before our tea ceremony, I was just so happy to see him so proud in his eyes.

The parents first look wedding photos

Don’t be jealous mum! You can also be apart of the first look with your daughter. Parents first look is not really common, but we love the way that it is turned out: a wave of emotion and many happy tears for the three of them. This is a must for your wedding album: parents are there for you through many milestones in your lives. So is it mandatory? We guess yes!

Not matter which one you will choose

We guess no matter which first look you will choose for your wedding day: keep in mind this moment are just priceless, based on our experience we always shed some tears. The overwhelming excitement and emotion made this a truly epic moment between the parents and their child. 

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