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Flat lay wedding photography

Flat Lay photography: the way to beautify things

Have you heard about this pretty word “flat lay”?

A collection of objects which are arranged on the floor, table or piece of fabric, to create a styled and editorialized photograph. This is what we call flat lay.

Usually the photographer always does this part before the getting ready photos. Wedding flat lay is a part of your wedding pictures: you may have been wanting some souvenirs about your wedding invitations, saves the date combined with shoes you wear or fragrance you have put.

Today we are going to explain what to include in your flat lay photography.

What to include in a wedding flat lay

  • Wedding stationery: ask your bride a complete set of the stationery she sent to the guests: invitations, save-the-date, RSVP card, menu card, envelope. Tips for the photographer before you shoot a wedding: be sure to bring an extra envelope if your bride does not have any or shoot them an email one week before their wedding day, that way you don’t have to ask anyone during that day
  • Fragrance: ask your bride to give you her fragrance or perfume she put that day. Or even a fragrance that she wants you to shot
  • Wedding rings: wedding flat lay usually include engagement rings and wedding bands. They are often displayed with a ring box. Tips for the photographer: some couples do not have any ring box, you might bring or buy one
  • Flowers: this is my favorite part! Flowers make the flat lay so much beautiful. Always have the bride to connect with the florist and ask for some extra flowers. Florists are often okay to give you this with no charge. You will see that flowers always make the flat lay magical
  • Shoes: bride and groom wedding shoes. Sometimes we just include bride’s shoes for the flat lay, but whatever you will want! Wedding flat lay is about creation, so you could also include groom’s shoes
  • Ribbons: we feel like include some ribbons in the flat lay always make this more beautiful! Tips for photographers: if you have no idea about the palette colors of the stationery set, colors like rose, cream or nude are always good for the wedding flat lay. It is not too shiny and aggressive
  • Anything that your bride wants to include: one day, one of our bride wants to also include a medallion of her grandmother who passed away. This was very meaningful for her, so always ask your bride if she wants to include anything precious to her

Each photographer has his own creation for the flat lay, so the creation is indeed endless. Here are some guidance to what to include in your wedding flat lay

Wedding set stationery

The wedding set stationery always make your flat lay romantic: every detail has to be counted: RSVP, envelop and even the vows cards. If your bride and groom gave you a set before the big day, you can also train yourself at home to shoot them first. This is what Yannick and myself do, to be more comfortable with. During the wedding day, you will not have so much time, so this kind of training will make your wedding flat lay easier

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