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How many wedding photos should I get

First we need to make a distinction on quantity, similarity and quality.
Having a wedding photos package with a lot of pictures does not mean having what you were looking for.

Quantity is only one aspect of the deal, let us explain more about additional parameters : variety and quality.

Quality photos are the art of making sure to have every shot perfectly framed, took at the perfect moment with the right people.
Variety is the art to repeat quality photos at a huge number of shots without having the same framing on each shot.

Based on our experience and number of photos took, we know that every customer is looking to get the magic triangle :
quantity, quality and variety.
A photographer (even with his second shooter) will have a lot of issue to reach these three goals.

However, a couple photographers like us with a different view of the world are always reaching this magical triangle
of quantity mixed with variety and obsession of quality on each photo.

The reason is simple, Celine knows what Yannick will shot and reciprocally. We don’t think and don’t shoot the same type
and number of photos.
Then our minds are free and we are not worried about missing any shots.
This naturally leads to creativity without sacrifice on quantity.

Give us a try, and you will see our duo serving our magical triangle to your love story in plenty of photos.

Quantity versus quality : why not getting both, quality photos in quantity

If you have booked a full wedding package with us, we usually deliver up to 100 photos per hour.
This high number is achieved thanks to the duo that we are.
Indeed, we are a husband-and-wife duo who have a different view of things.
Thanks to our awesome duo, we always succeed to deliver both quantity and quality photos without much similarity on each shots.

Céline is a maestro and can lead any kind of wedding to the right direction, in order to achieve the right quantity of photos
and reach our lovely customer expectations.

Yannick is more focused on all small things that people usually can’t see. He is the mouse in the party who stay low profile
to get quantity of small intimate moments.

Depending on your wedding package, the numbers of pictures can vary from hundred to hundreds of pictures.
We guarantee a good number of pictures which is around 100 photos per hour.

How many sneak peek will I get ?

Let’s be honest, we are all very impatient to look over wedding pictures.
We know we can’t ask customers to wait for several weeks without any preview.

We want to make your experience the best possible with us, and it does not stop at the end of your wedding.
This is why, we are making a small delivery of sneak peek highlighting major moments of your wedding day
on the following week of your date.

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