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Micro wedding in Kitsilano beach

You are wondering how to tie the knot with close friends and family members in a nice Vancouver beach ?

Sometimes celebrating your love with your future husband doesn’t have to wait.
And what if you can decide to go with a nice minimalist setup and easy plan for your big day?


Our lovely customers Kristin and Shane found the perfect spot to say “I do” for the rest of their life.
Since the covid hit the world, planning a wedding totally changed the game for everyone. And some people actually prefer to have a small ceremony. It is not that hard to plan a nice intimate ceremony, wearing your white dress and black suits would be the most important thing!


Indeed, not everyone is willing to have a lot of people attending their union.
A simple way to get married is to find a nice garden, bring the officiant, your folks, and you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime!


Don’t forget that for being officially married in BC, you will need to have two people willing to be your witnesses! Usually, the customers choose us to witness their love, and it is actually an honour to be their witnesses 🙂


Some people will choose to have their micro wedding and ceremony outdoor, with a nice garden and some flowers as decoration, put a guestbook to have some memories, and finally, have a small reception with their loved ones. Isn’t an easy way to celebrate your love?


Our lovebirds are the kind of people who are really close to the Nature in general. These two made sure to also bring their two bunnies Jean and Forrest, which added a special touch to the ceremony! The officiant Marie said that it was her first time to officiate with two bunnies!

We always recommend to the future Mr. and Mrs. to bring a special thing which represents them the best. It is good to have a thing that you will remind forever and make your wedding photos very special, even if it is a micro wedding, it does not have to be something fancy or huge, just bring something who remind you this special day.

Kristin & Shane brought their two bunnies 🙂 I believe that we all agree to say that made their wedding photos unique. And you, what would you bring for your day?

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