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Does my photographer should know my venue ?

When it comes to choose your wedding photographer, one of the common question
you could ask her or him will be: “Do you know the wedding venue?” or “Have you ever shot at my wedding venue?”

Generally speaking, you will have more comfort when your photographer knows the venue.
It makes you more secure, and you will think he gets familiarity over there.

For most of the couple, it is not a dealbreaker for the lovebirds.
Lovebirds hire photographers based on their work and feeling with them.
Wedding photography is about getting a link with the couple and definitely not about wedding venue.
A good photographer is a good photographer, even she or he does not shoot there in the past.

Shooting previously at the wedding venue should not be seen has a mandatory thing

Legit question, of course, but It is totally okay if your photographer does not know or never shot your wedding venue.
As a professional, she or he will scout the location and will be willing to check it out beforehand.

Your wedding photographer will know the ins and the outs and can walkthrough
the wedding venue like his pocket.
Do not underestimate the skills of your photographer: as a professional,
your wedding photographer will know how to shot in any circumstance

Your photographer who shoot at the same venue in multiple times might follow his routine.
So each wedding may end up to be very familiar.
Don’t you want your pictures to be unique?

Photographers thoughts about wedding venue knowledge requirement

At the end, does knowing the venue is really crucial for both parties? Our answer is no.
Personally, when clients choose us and we do not know the wedding venue,
we get super excited! We like discovering new places and locations.

Everyone is much more creative when outside its own comfort zone, it’s the same with wedding photographer.

Would you rather :

  • Choose a photographer with a lack of relationship but he had shot several time at the wedding venue?
  • Or select a photographer with a strong relationship but never shot at your wedding venue?

Finally, the importance of knowing the venue does not have to be a real matter to the bride and groom.
Getting along with your photographer and build the relationship with him and her should be the only concern.

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