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Vietnamese wedding tea ceremony

Like all other countries in the world, Vietnam also has its own customs and traditions. Among the Vietnamese ceremonies in which ancestral rites still prevail, there is the wedding.

The Vietnamese wedding differs greatly from Western weddings, both in the preparation and during the tea ceremony.

The preparation before the wedding ceremonies

At the agreed date and time, the groom’s family arrives at the bride’s house with an even number of round red boxes filled with gifts. The groom’s family, standing at a certain distance from the bride’s house, sends two people to present a tray of customary gifts to the girl’s parents.

Tradition then calls for the boxes of gifts to be passed from the young men of the groom’s family to the young women of the bride’s family.

These red boxes are then placed on the altar of the ancestors, previously decorated with flowers and fruits.

The wedding tea ceremony steps

1. Introduction of each member of the two families

At the time of the ceremony, the two families stand on either side of the ancestral altar, while the groom stands in front.

The groom’s family is introduced at the beginning of the tea ceremony, while the other family does not respond until later.

During the speeches, a presentation of each member of the two families is made.

2. Introduction of the bride

During this time, the young fiancée waits in her room and does not join her husband in front of the altar until the moment of his appearance comes.

It is her mother who leads her to the altar of the ancestors.

3. Asking blessing to the ancestors

Once all this is accomplished, two red candles are lit on the altar. The father of the bride then comes and burns incense to ask for the blessing and testimony of the ancestors of this marriage. The two spouses then prostrate themselves before the altar.

4. Gift to the newlywed by relatives and tea giving to the relatives

In order to certify the love that her son has for the girl, the mother-in-law of the bride offers her jewelry and valuable ornaments. The bride and groom then exchange wedding rings and are presented after tea to the grandparents and parents, and then to the rest of the family members.

The ceremony ends with a banquet.

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