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Wedding photographer package

Wedding photographer package: all you need to consider before booking

There are several ways to choose a photographer in Vancouver, some couple will focus their choice on the minimum services included by the photographer, others will focus more on photography style or number of wedding pictures provided by the photographer.

The package has to be balanced regarding your plan and what is included on the basic photographer’s deal. Indeed, the initial deal is an important criteria of selection for a short list.

Indeed, if the package is under the range but with a lot of options, you might end up with a much higher pricing than initially expected.

Before looking for a wedding photographer package offered in Vancouver area, did you define roughly what would be your day?

Are you willing to have a coverage of all the day or only some parts of the day? Do you have your wedding split into several days?

These details will impact the general offer of your wedding photographer and you might need to get a customized quote.

An all-inclusive photo package for simplicity and to serve our mission

We believe offers should be simple and not full of small print. Our wedding photos package is based on this transparency approach.

We have a single offer that includes a full day coverage without fees for extra hours.

We believe of serving a much higher cause than photography of a day.

In everything we capture, we believe of creating a part of heritage of your north stars which could become your lifetime guide in the future.

How many wedding photos should I get?

We define our throughput regarding different steps of the day. In this article we are explaining how many wedding photos you get with us in average.

There is no limit on the wedding photos that we deliver whatever if you book a full day wedding package or a custom package.

If all photos are awesome, you will get all the photos!

Different moment of the wedding day gives a different photos throughput.

Full day coverage wedding photography or a customized package?

You hesitate between a full day wedding coverage and a coverage of one or several major parts of the wedding? You are not sure if a complete day deal worth the price?

We got your points, and we are not in the wedding photography business for money. Let’s try to figure out what is the pro and cons of a full day coverage and if you are still not sure about the option you want, we are here to accommodate your needs and make you at your ease.

Do you have to feed photographers at your wedding?

It is a question that we thought interesting to ask. What is the standard for your vendors during the wedding? Is it required to feed wedding vendors? If so, is it the same food than your guest?

Create my own wedding album or rely on my photographer to create it?

One of the best feeling after a wedding is when you remember your day.

The best way to remember is having a wedding album that will reveal emotion in you.

There is plenty of wedding album styles and options to create it either online or at a store.

If you have time and good taste, you can create by yourself a wedding album with our guide to create your own wedding album. Another option is to trust your photographers and let them create a wedding album for you.

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