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Wedding tea ceremony

What is the tea ceremony?

Civil marriage offers so much for a low-key ceremony. If you do not like to be the center of attention, you might need to consider that. At a Chinese or Asian wedding in general, we set up what we call a tea ceremony, where the bride and groom show their gratitude to their parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, older siblings and relatives by giving them tea. The tea ceremony remains one of the most significant traditions in Asia.

The meaning of the tea ceremony

The origins of the tea ceremony go as far in China. You may be wondering why tea? And why not another drink? Tea is obviously not a surprise in Asian culture, it is being a big part of Asian people’s blood. Most people see this tea ceremony as a symbol to welcome the bride and the groom to the families and, also, to show respect to the parents who have been their rocks until their Big day.

For a Chinese wedding tea ceremony

Nowadays, a Chinese wedding starts with traditional Chinese morning ceremonies. These ceremonies are usually very intimate and only family and very close friends are invited.

One of these ceremonies is the Chinese wedding tea ceremony. The bride and groom show their respect and gratitude by serving tea to their parents, new parents-in-law, and elders. The elders give their blessing and hong bao (red envelopes containing money) to the young couple.

For a Vietnamese wedding tea ceremony

During the Vietnamese wedding tea ceremony, the groom asks the bride’s family for her hand in marriage and the two families celebrate the union of their families while honoring ancestors and parents.

Preparation of wedding tea ceremony?

Discuss your preparation with your parents and parents-in-law: some families want to do in the bride’s house first to give the tea to the parents of the bride, and then go to the groom’s side. The preparation of your tea ceremony should be prepared one or two months before your wedding day. Depending on how your day looks like actually, you might also have your parents’ opinion for your day.  

When to have the tea ceremony?

The tea ceremony traditionally takes place in the morning, after the bride has done with her make-up and her hair. However, you can have some options for that:

  • Have your tea ceremony one month before your big day
  • Have your tea ceremony during the cocktail hour
  • Have your tea ceremony after the wedding

Because of a timing perspective, some of our couples preferred to have their tea ceremony before their big day

What do you need for the tea ceremony?

To serve the tea, the best teaware is to use a traditional Chinese teapot set with matching cups. Usually, the color is red, a synonym of happiness. Avoid white teapots, which is not an appropriate color for Asian people (it is indeed a synonym of death or when we mourn people. It the color is white inside the teapot, that is totally okay.

What to wear during your tea ceremony?

It is obvious that red is THE color to wear during your wedding tea ceremony. Red is a popular color in Asia and means serenity, joy, wealth, and happiness. Try to avoid somber hues like dark, blue dark and grey, because they could symbolize bad luck and death. If you do not like red, try to wear warm tones like peach, salmon, pink, purple.

How long is the ceremony?

Depends on how big are your families: from thirty minutes to hours. But usually, the tea ceremony is up to one hour. And then following up by a snack hour or lunch if you have this in the morning.

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