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When should you book your wedding photographer

You get recently engaged! Yannick & myself could not be more happier for you. After newly engaged, couples begin to plan their wedding. There will be so many vendors that you want to reach out, and one of them would be your wedding photographer. Today, we are going to focus on your timeline of choosing your third wheel. When is the best time to book your wedding photographer?

How far in advance should you book your wedding photographer?

A timeframe of 12 to 10 months is generally enough to book your wedding photographer after you choose the venue.

Ideally for your photographer, knowing the venue will allow to do some research and scout the locations for the photos primarily to your wedding day.

This timeline is perfectly acceptable. However, some of our clients want to make sure to have us in their day. They sometimes reach out to us in a timeframe of 18 months before their wedding.

What do you have to do before booking your wedding photographer ?

You have announced your engagement to your families and your friends. Your uncle “Ethan” is so excited for you and everyone asked you this question: “When is the date?”

Before booking your wedding photographer, make sure you pick up first your wedding venue and date Generally speaking, here are the vendors you will reach out 12 to 10  months before your big day:

  • Wedding Venue: venues are reserved fast.
  • Wedding planner: hiring one of them to assist you with your preparation will have a lot of benefits
  • Caterer: what will be a wedding without great food? Your caterer will be certainly the one who make your reception’s serving style comes true
  • Wedding photographer and videographer: playing an essential role of the day, make sure your buddy is not fully booked especially in summer time, which is busy season
  • If you are willing to have your wedding especially between May and September, make sure your wedding photographer is not booked between this time. Most of those dates are fully booked. If you already know which photographer you want to pick up, do not waste your time. You have the venue and the date, send her or him an email right away!

Do not rush your choice

You contacted a plenty of photographers, but you did not build any relationship with one of them. Do not feel obligated to book one of them, you have a lot of time if you contacted them 12 months in advance. We are certain that there will be somebody who has the same vision as yours. So take your time.

If you are lacking trust or relationship with your photographer or videographer, reconsider your choice for your special day. A good option to ensure having booking the right photographers is to make a trial with them.

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