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UBC Rose Garden Engagement

Where is UBC Rose Garden ?

UBC rose garden is located on UBC campus on Crescent road.

It is a convenient place for a photoshoot : multiple background and not crowded area.

What do we have on UBC Rose Garden ?

A popular meeting spot on campus, the UBC Rose Garden is a feast for the senses.

With stunning ocean and mountain views, and multiples types of roses blooming abundantly between June and September, the garden is the perfect place to snap an engagement photo session.

Why it is the perfect spot for an engagement ?

  • Surrounded by beautiful roses
  • A forest with giant trees,
  • A stunning ocean and mountain views

Best time of the year to have a engagement session over there ?

Between June and September, UBC rose garden is the perfect place for an engagement session.

There is a forest close to the garden which permits to have several background for a stunning engagement session.

What is the special thing on UBC Rose Garden ?

The University of British Columbia also known as UBC is a place where lot of couple and love story have begun.

It sounds a good idea to take your engagement photos at the most stunning place of your campus.

Plus it is a good souvenir of your love story to explain to your future grand children 🙂

Story of Daniela & Ben

The love story

Meet these two love birds: Daniela & Ben

It was a perfect spring engagement at the UBC Rose Garden Park: a place which is meaningful for them, because they used to play football together before they started dating (cute hiiin???).

They reached out to us and asked if we want to be apart of their story and we could not be more excited to capture their unique moments of love and happiness.

That day was just perfect

It was a Sunday, we all woke up at 7am with sun and started to photoshoot at 8ish.

Sweet kisses, hugs and jokes made their engagement so stunning.

The beauty of the park with all those trees made an exceptional backdrop of the landscape! Something we couldn’t deny here in British Columbia."