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Holiday engagement announcement ideas

Holiday engagement announcements are a great way to add a festive touch to your big news. Whether you choose to make a toast at a family dinner or send out holiday cards with your engagement photos, the holidays provide the perfect opportunity to share your news with loved ones.

One popular idea is to plan a surprising family dinner, where you can make a special announcement and toast to the happy couple. This can be done by creating a custom menu, decorating the table with a special engagement theme, or even hiring a photographer to capture the special moment.

Another idea is to incorporate the engagement announcement into the holiday cards you send out, with a photo of the couple and a special message announcing the engagement. These ideas add a personal touch to your announcement and make it a memorable moment for your loved ones to treasure

There are countless ways to do so. But when it comes to the holiday season, there are even more opportunities to make your announcement extra special. From Christmas cards to New Year’s Eve toast, here are some holiday engagement announcement ideas that will make your big news even more festive.

The different holiday possibility to announce your engagement

Christmas Card Announcement

One of the most traditional ways to announce your engagement is through a Christmas card. Include a photo of the two of you along with a special message about your engagement. You can even use the card as an opportunity to announce your wedding date.

New Year’s Eve Toast

New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration and what better way to kick off the new year than by announcing your engagement? Make a toast to the new year and your new engagement at your New Year’s Eve party.

Valentine’s Day Announcement

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to announce your engagement, particularly if you got engaged around the holiday. Share a photo of the two of you on social media with a cute caption or make a special announcement to your loved ones in person.

Easter Egg Hunt Announcement

Easter is a time for family and fun, so why not make your engagement announcement part of the festivities? Hide your engagement ring in an Easter egg and have your significant other find it during an Easter egg hunt.

Thanksgiving Announcement

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful and surrounded by loved ones. Gather your family together and make a special announcement during Thanksgiving dinner.

Regardless of how you choose to announce your engagement during the holidays, the most important thing is that you share your happy news with the people you love.