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Meet Yannick

Meet Yannick

Written by Celine


Was a dandy in his previous life

Pizza and bread maker

Continuous Planner

Born and raised in Paris, Yannick carries a piece of the world with him as he is a mix of different ethnicities: Guinean from his father and French from his mother. He also feels closely tied to the Asian culture as he lived in Taiwan for two years and a half and travelled extensively all over Asia.

He is the hardest working person I ever know:  always trying to make things perfect and easier for everyone, with a great sense of humour. Speaking about his humour, he always said that “he is a big guy but he is afraid by little birds!”

And whenever I am sad, he knows how to cheer me up!

You will be surprised by his sensitivity behind his tall stature.

Family is one of his core value, since he only has unconditional love for them.

Has the same hairdresser since 3 years old

True Story !

Birds are the most dangerous species in the world for him

True story (x2) !

The sky is his limit

Has 10 nieces who makes him the most happiest person in the world

Enjoys meeting new people & appreciates one’s diversity

Passionnate about hiking