Catch your unique moments

We are a couple of photographers who have chosen to begin photographers career over the family photos.

One of our strongest core value is definitely family and we want to make sure that all family get all their story captured on beautiful photos.


We want to make your souvenir unforgettable and capture it forever.

Maternity is a very special moment between you and your baby right ? 

This special feeling is something that you will never forget.


What would you say if we promise to make it unforgettable by giving you all our love to your family through photography ?

We developed this special sensitivity to highlight feeling of our Mom-To-Be during family session.

maternity dress vancouver

Why should you have a Maternity Photography Vancouver Session ?

Be pregnant is the moment you want to remember forever

We know that being pregnant is a very special connection with your baby.

We will take the time and make sure that at the end of our maternity session, you kept a part of that special “pregnant mom” moments into beautiful photos.

Capture the story of your baby to be able to show him/her later !

Tell how much he/she was love even before her/him birth

Plan a maternity photography session

in Vancouver

Planning a maternity photoshoot can be overwhelming.

We are here to help and bring all our expertise to make it simple as ever.

Maternity photoshoot outfits ?

You want to look stunning for your maternity photoshoot.

Well, lucky you Celine is here to help.

We developed an “how to dress” guide which helped all our customers to select the best maternity photoshoot dresses.

This couple outfits guide is sent at every booking confirmation.

Maternity photoshoot ideas ?

You are looking for inspiration on maternity photoshoot ?

If you don't have any idea regarding location and ambiance for your photoshoot.
C&Y will offer you several locations / ambiance based on our experience.

It is always a pleasure to discover new places so feel free to come with your ideas !

Studio or Outdoor maternity Photoshoot ?

That's something that all our customers ask.

We do work on Studio and Outdoor for maternity photo.

We do prefer outdoor location as natural light and natural background is always more flattering for our customer.

Maternity Photoshoot Poses ?

We are all feeling awkward for a photos session, so no worries, it is normal !

We developed a photography method that makes every customer at their ease.

We are focus on showing your laughs and natural beauty on all shots.

Vancouver pregnancy photographer

What about a video ?

Maternity Video

Maternity photos at Kitsilano beach

When should you do your maternity photos ?

What about a :
- Maternity photo winter
- Maternity photo summer
- Or even maternity photo spring - maternity photos fall ?

The question is important for outdoor maternity photo but not really for studio maternity photo.

All seasons are different in terms of tree colors and vibes however be sure that you gonna have stunning pictures whatever the weather.

We shoot both maternity photo summer and maternity photo winter, and both works well.

Indeed summer time is better with dresses for maternity photo shoot if it is what you are looking for.
But maternity photos with umbrella when it is rainy are pretty cute.


Expecting One baby ?

  • Plan to have your Maternity photography done between 30 to 34 weeks of pregnancy.
    You will feel more comfy with a full belly to pose.


Twin or multiple pregnancy ?

  • Plan to have your maternity photography session done between 28 and 30 weeks of pregnancy.
    Exceed 30 weeks might be too much effort for your body.

Every pregnancy and woman are different, this is just a tips and it could be done earlier if you feel more comfortable.

However we recommend to not exceed the 35 weeks deadline for every maternity photoshoot.

Maternity photoshoot poses

Maternity photo outdoor or maternity photo studio ?

Poses for maternity photoshoot

We are all feeling awkward for a photos session, so no worries, it is normal !

We developed a photography method which is focusing on showing your laughs and natural beauty on all shots.

photography for maternity


If you are looking for candid shots - portraits shots then outdoor maternity photos is the way to go.

Indeed, maternity outdoor photoshoot will make you at your ease as it is less intimidating than studio setup.
Maternity photoshoot poses on outdoor lets the true love be seen through natural photos in your couple/family.

We also have the chance to live in the beautiful British Columbia with a large backdrop possibility :
- Mountains vibes
- Beach
- Forest

We recommend to bring 2 outfits :
- Maternity Gowns
- Maternity dress


Maternity photoshoot poses on studio are more based on typical poses.

It is basically more bright style photos with a series of poses predefined.

Based on your expectations, we will recommend you some props like hats, headbands, wraps or blankets.

Maternity gowns is a way to go in studio setup, it will permit to highlight your gorgeous pregnancy and details.

For the dad-to-be, a shirt with a nice pants is a safe combo.

Props for maternity photo shoot

  • Tiny baby shoes
  • Little bear for baby
  • Baby bodysuit
  • Baby sonogram
  • Baby slippers
  • Pregnancy sign “It’s a girl”


Maternity Photography Vancouver Package

maternity photographers

Outdoor : Maternity Photography Vancouver

- 20-25 photos
- up to 2 outfits
- 1 hour | 1 location
- 4 weeks delivery

CAD $350
Vancouver Maternity Photographer

Option : Maternity Video Vancouver

- 2 minutes video
- 1 hour | 1 location
- 4 weeks delivery
If video only : $300

CAD $500
maternity photography

Studio : Maternity Photography Vancouver

Coming soon
Suspended during COVID19 pandemic


Inclement weather guarantee

Vancouver being sometimes raincouver and if you want to have sun instead of rain, we will reschedule your maternity photography Vancouver for free.

Maternity photos at Spanish banks Vancouver

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