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Queen Elizabeth park family photos

Ada & her parents

their story

Queen Elizabeth park family photos session, an unforgettable moment is a moment taken in pictures.

Ada and her parents took the opportunity to have a Family Photo Session at Queen Elizabeth park with C&Y photography.

Children always smile in the pictures with C&Y photography. We adapt to the children’s rhythms and capture the little moments of your life.

Every season is different and allows you to get completely different pictures at the Queen Elizabeth Park, you can see a wonderful example with Ada.

Winter or summer it’s up to you, we will adapt to your wishes and desires, the sun is always with us during our sessions.

Ada, Nina and Bryan decided to do a session during the spring and it was great.

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Other portfolios are also available at these addresses: Constance , Lily, Kingston.


• How to get dressed?

We have created a guide to get an idea of how to dress for your family photoshoot.

This guide is sent to you when you book your session.

For the kids:
The key thing is to have them comfy on their outfits to make things smooth during the session.
Layer is a good idea and again we will help you for the color so no worries.

Snacks might help to relax them if they are eaters :-) Snacks and toys might help to relax them along the session.

• What is the best time of the year for a family photos session ?

There is no ideal time to make a family photoshoot. Choose the season you prefer 🙂

Our recommendation :
Summer is a nice time to have a family photoshoot but end of the year can also be an ideal period.

• Studio photoshoot or outdoor session?

It really up to you!

We work with a studio located in Vancouver Downtown area for studio's photos.

Our preference is for outdoor session as to be able to capture the candid moments of your family.
Also your relatives will surely feel more comfortable outdoors.

• About C&Y Photography

We are a couple of photographers working in 2 countries: France and Canada.

We frequently travel between the 2 countries, send us an email to know our availabilities.