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Vendor meals wedding

Many couples wondering about photographers meals during the wedding day. While it is always best to ask your vendors what they prefer, we will give you some tips on how to make the right choice if your vendors tell you that they don’t care.

Which vendors will be there during the meal?

The vendors who work during the reception

If you have chosen to hire a DJ and/or a Master of Ceremony, it goes without saying that this person will be present during your reception. For your photographer and/or videographer, it all depends on whether the photos package, it will generally be necessary to provide them with a meal. Whatever the vendors, it is often mentioned in the contract.

The vendors who will not attend the reception

If you did not ask for photos and/or videos of your reception, there is no need to plan food for the reception.

You can however invite them to the meal even if their services stops before, if you have the desire and the means. It will please them for sure.

And if it is not possible because of fatigue or the journey, they will politely deny the offer, but they will keep in mind your kindness.

What about the wedding planner

If you have hired a wedding planner and the service includes the reception, plan the meal.

Else not, the meal is not expected but will be appreciated and will strengthen your bond with your vendor.

The caterer

No need to think about the caterer and his team. In the catering industry, the team used to eat before or after the service, in the kitchen. It is the caterer who is responsible for feeding his team, and it goes without saying that he will not forget to talk to you about it if a small extra charge has to be made for the staff meal.

What kind of food, should you serve to your vendors for your wedding?

It is often the caterer who guides the bride and groom on this point. However, if what the caterer proposes does not seem to suit the relationship you wish to have with your vendors, do not hesitate to ask him to modify the food ! It’s your wedding!

The three types of meals

  • The same meal as your guests
  • A part of your guests’ meal (usually only the main course without the appetizer)
  • A hot or cold meal tray

Beware of food restrictions and diets

Finally, just like your guests, your vendors may have allergies or specific diets. Don’t forget to ask them!

However, when none of the guests are vegetarian or vegan, and it’s complicated to plan a special meal for your vendors, they will be fine with the vegetarian elements of the sides of the meal.

Where to place your vendors

On the question of the placement of the vendors, the caterers sometimes have a clear opinion. Indeed, the vendors eat generally in a separate space. Don’t hesitate to ask for a change if it does not seem to fit your way of thinking about your wedding and the relationship with your vendors.

For the photographer and videographer

Personally, we prefer to be placed in the main room, among the guests. Why?

Simply to improve our photos.

Indeed, if we are in a room aside, we cannot keep an eye on what happens while we eat.

One of your friends is seized with the urge to raise his glass and make an improvised speech that triggers laughter or tears?

A child hides under a table and drops a centerpiece that makes little colored balls roll everywhere? If it happens while we’re eating, we can drop our forks and hold up the camera that’s always nearby.

But if we’re eating in another room, we won’t even know it happened, so there won’t be any footage of that fun moment in your story.