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Wedding albums Canada

Everything has a cost

You have received your digital photos from your lovely photographer, so what‘s next now?

We always love the idea to print some of your favorite photos and our couples frame them on their wall. Or better idea, create your own wedding album. Create your wedding album is a way to put your most precious memories to preserve them. And beyond that, it is the perfect way to have tangible souvenirs.

How much does a wedding album cost in Canada? Everything has a cost of course but, depends on how important each person sees the value.

Put a price under priceless memories

Some of us place value in the memories of our families and will print out their wedding album or some photos. And others will be satisfied in keeping them in digital format.

The price for a wedding album will depend on:

  • Your photographer wedding package: different prices for different photographers. Some of them will include the wedding album on their package or treat them differently as an option for you. When comes to ask the quote, you might ask an estimate to your photographer if you aim to have your wedding album.

When they treat them as an option, it could end up to $500 to $800. Again, this is based on what we have seen as an average.

  • Your needs and style: there is a tons of material and layouts out there: fabric covered, leather covered, luxury covered, a combination of both of them, the police, slipcase or boxes or the presentation boxes, colours etc…

When you will meet your photographer, ask her or him about a wedding album that she or he did. A good way to see her or his work and project your lovely memories in your wedding album.

Always talk about your needs with your photographer

To avoid any frustrations or disappointment, discuss of what you are looking for to your photographer. If you want to see important people inside, how many families pictures you want, how many couple pictures you want, how many pages and type of wedding album you want etc…

 Generally speaking, your photographer will always have the creativity to make it. But she or he will need your guidance. Everyone doesn’t want to be disappointed, right? 😊

With C&Y, we will making your wedding album as unique as you

Designing albums for you is one of the best parts of being a wedding photographer. When we see the photos come to real, we are always voiceless and we might also shed a tears (especially Céline) when it comes to deliver them to you!

We will always explain that no matter with new technologies or something else, a wedding album will never become obsolete. It will always be something to treasure forever, when your kids want to see how beautiful you guys were, you will reach out for your wedding album.

And for that, there is no price, right?

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