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Kitsilano family baby photoshoot Vancouver

baby photographer vancouver

Lilly & her parents


Laura is from Toronto and she came in Vancouver with her husband to visit her brother.

She came in Vancouver for her brother wedding and she took that opportunity to have a wonderful photoshoot in Kitsilano beach.

Lilly discovered the ocean for the first time and took her first steps in Vancouver.

It is a magical moments for parents to see the first steps of their kids.

I take advantage of this article to share with you an information that makes me smile : my agenda is officially full until the end of March,
which means that it is time to prepare the April and May sessions, in other words the SPRING family photo shoots !

Can you hear this joy in my voice ?

We will finally be able to go outside to play, to enjoy the sun, and we will especially be able to go back to run on the BEACH !

The beach in spring, believe me, it’s happiness. Tourists have not yet invaded the seaside, we can be almost alone in the world and let ourselves be warmed by the pretty light of half season…

And if we are not too cold, we can even wade with our feet in the water!
A real delight! It also works at the beginning of the autumn besides, but we will speak about it again in due time 🙂

In short, if you want to come to play with us on the sand, it is the moment to contact us before it is too late!

And because it’s always better in pictures, I let you appreciate the softness of the beach out of season with the very happy family photo session Lilly.

Admit that it was worth sharing a few more pictures!

A baby photos session is usually done in a studio or at least indoors, that’s what we thought for a long time.
When we started taking family photos, I discovered inspiring photographers doing everything outdoors with nature.

As a lover of natural light and all the beautiful landscapes accessible in Vancouver, we decided to do as much as possible outdoor shoots.