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Jericho beach - Vancouver - lifestyle - photoshoot - bc photographer

Behind the scene

Sara, Jericho beach

Lifestyle photos

Sara's Story

A creative in Vancouver

Sara is one of our best in Vancouver. She is coming from Europe like us and she is one of the biggest creative person that we have met so far.

She is very thoughtful and easy going with everyone.

Sara was looking for photos of her as she is far from family and want to share with them how beautiful and happy she is !

As part of one diversity, we always appreciated meeting new people coming from all around the world.

Yannick’s grandmother is coming from the same country than Sara.

We just know about few hours but feel like, we know each other long time ago like old friends. We spent such great time together.

As often with our customer, we become friends at the end of the session and it is a bless !

How to prepare your lifestyle photos

• What is lifestyle photography ?

From a certain period of time now, people are talking more and more about lifestyle photography but do you really know what is this kind of photography ?

Lifestyle photos is a type of photos that aims to capture moments without poses.
Basically people are doing an activities or living their life and a photographer is here to capture that moment on a way that only you can feel at that moments.

To sum up, it is about sharing people's stories thanks to candid, unstaged scenes.

Main purpose is authenticity and shoot in a everyday locations.
C&Y aims to tell our subject's story.

• Talk with your photographers !

Talk about your hobbit and happy moments that you are doing on a daily basis.
Even small insignificant things can be awesome.

The first step is to determine what you want to have during this lifestyle photoshoot. Is it for a book ? Is it for yourself or your family ?

It is important for the photographer to understand the intend of your session as the mood would have to fit your willing.

• Determine with your photographer where would be the best place

Depending on your willing with your lifestyle photos, several locations could work for you.

For a model book - model portfolio :
Location could be in busy street or in an industrial area.

For a personal use as a reminder of a location of where you used to live :
On this case, it is obvious that he should be on your favorite spot in town, it could even be your house if you want to.

• What is your style - your mood ?

Do you have your own style ? Do you have a details that makes you unique ?
Tell us everything we need to know and we will setup the perfect mood for you with all details that matters for you.