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Behind the scene

Lifestyle Photo at Kitsilano

Lifestyle photo

Audrez's Story

A traveller and happy woman in life

Audrez is a citizen of the world, she lived in several parts of the world and will for sure continue to travel.

Born in Vietnam, she moved to New Caledonia very young with her family. Passionate about IT, she decided to move to France to pursuit her study on IT.

Audrez is a happy woman who has the gift to spread happiness.

She always wants to discover the world. She has began her work-life in Bordeaux (France) for few years before deciding to move to our beautiful Vancouver – Canada.

Why a lifestyle photoshoot in Vancouver ?

Audrez was looking for beautiful picture of herself on place she used to live.
She had very few pictures of herself on these places.

She decided to have a lifestyle photoshoot with C&Y Photography to make sure to keep beautiful photos of her in Vancouver.

At the end picture is the only things that you have of your past.

Lifestyle photos are a good timeline of your life

Life is going fast and nowadays who has time to take a break to enjoy ?

Lifestyle photo is a session of 1 hour which will make sure to keep an indestructible memories of a special moment of your life.

When you have a rough period, looking over good memories of the past will help you to get you through that rough period.

It is your duty to make sure to have all your favorite moment in your life tangible and lifestyle photoshoot allow that!

Lifestyle photo session is not only for model !

Almost everyone is camera shy but you know what you don't have to be a model to get beautiful pictures of you !

C&Y Photography is a husband and wife duo making joke and laughing so loud about them that you will forget that you are in front of 2 photographers.

Our why in life is to be happy and meet great people, not only model !

Best spot for Vancouver lifestyle photos

Vancouver is very scenic and you can do almost everywhere a photoshoot.

Depending on your mood, you can either go to the mountains, in downtown or in a beach like Audrez.

If you want to discover more about lifestyle photo, don't hesitate to browse our portfolio.

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