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The world is now facing with the more and more uncertainty and there is no doubt that couples are all wondering: “should we postpone our wedding to next year due to inflation crisis / COVID-19?”

It is obviously an unexpected time for everyone: all the brides and grooms, florist, event planner, photographers… you prepared your wedding for one or two years, and now everything is now looking much less amazing.

But in a time of uncertainty, it is tough to predict what will happen day-to-day.

Love is not cancelled, and there is nothing worse that your wedding will not be as you have planned. We truly believe that this is not the ending of your story and we want you to talk to you, as readers, what you should do

Write things down

Do a to-do list about what you have to do:

  • Let your vendors know your decision ASAP, if you decided to postpone your wedding
  • Review your wedding insurance: depends on your type of insurance, each company has their own procedures to handle Covid-19 but maybe not for other reasons
  • Split up tasks with your partner: sometimes, sharing your tasks is the best way to not feeling overwhelmed     

Voice your feelings to your partner

We are all going through hard time, but it is necessary to speak up about your feelings and your concerns to your partner.
Communicate is the best way to express yourself and to avoid the worst thing between couples.

If you are feeling uncomfortable to not celebrate your wedding this year, why don’t you do an elopement ?

You could reallocate your wedding budget. Generally speaking, couples spend around $30,000 – $40,000 for their wedding, you could allocate 10% of your wedding budget, to do an elopement with your family and your friends: all you have to do is hire an officiant and a photographer to capture your moments.

Even in your backyard + some beers would be fun !

Spread the word

Especially with families and guests who are flying overseas, they will not be able to fly over, due to government restrictions or just budget restrictions. So as soon as you are planning to postpone your big day, you have to inform your beloved ones.  

The easiest way to relay your message is via a wedding website, if you have one. Or you could also send your guests an email. Therefore, create a communication plan to inform your guests

Considering elopement this year and ceremony few years later

Remember that your reception could be postponed later, but not your marriage. Elopement is the best way to celebrate your love with your loved ones: it meant to be a small and intimate affair, so you limit your guess list to around 10 people.

Last tips

  • Let yourself grieve: “Morn your day and then move on” advises one bride. It is okay to feel disappointed or to upset. Feel free to voice your feelings with your partner or a close friend
  • Celebrated that day anyway: find a fun way to celebrate it: cook your favorite dinner with a bottle of wine with a movie (and some popcorn!)
  • Be flexible and open minded: if you are considering to postpone your day, your vendors would be the best to reach your expectations, try to keep an open mind

XoXo – With Love – Céline