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Love isn’t cancelled. During this hard time, there is no doubt that most of the couples postponed their wedding. You feel disappointed, you prepared your wedding for one or two years, and now, everything is now looking much less amazing. Instead of getting angry, anxious, or even depressed, most of our couples decided to celebrate their love by a last minute elopement. How to elope in BC?

We are here to help your elopement a success and an unforgettable day for you and your beloved ones !

What is eloping?

Eloping is an intimate and private marriage without the knowledge of the couple’s family and friends. As a result, it is a perfect way to celebrate your union with your partner

Top Reasons to Elope

Sometimes, we have to pinch ourselves, and see how lucky we are to live in Canada and especially in British Columbia. In the meantime, ours cars plate said “Beautiful British Columbia” so… yes! we should be proud to say that. Because in BC, we can’t deny why IT is the MOST romantic place to elope:

  • Get married amongst giants trees
  • Run away to the mountains by driving 45 min from Vancouver
  • Get married above adorable mountain and towns
  • Have a beach ALL to yourselves
  • Elope at any BC park but you feel like in the middle of nowhere

Best places to elope in BC

Between beach, mountains, forest and towns, there are a ton of locations to elope in BC. Here is my selection:

Butzen Lake

Butzen lake is my favorite spot: intimate lake with no one and facing to the mountains and forest. We highly recommend to do the Butzen Lake Trail loop (3-4 hours / ~10km): in the middle of the trail, you can have a private spot facing to the lake and the mountains

Golden Ears Park

Forest, vegetation and river streams sound familiar for you?
Well, Golden Ears Park won’t disappointed you: Alouette Lake a magic background with mountains in the background.
And if you love to explore the vegetation by hiking, this provincial park is made for you!

Pitt Lake

Have you ever been to this incredible place? Between fields and mountains reflections, this is THE PERFECT place to have your engagement or your elopement. Tips: the perfect time to have beautiful pictures will be golden hour.

Spanish banks

If you prefer beach rather than mountains, Spanish banks would be a quiet place to elope. Want to see a sneak-peek of this beautiful beach, check out Henu & Gurpal‘s engagement session!

Helicopter elopement in Squamish

Organize an intimate wedding ceremony on Squamish mountain with an helicopter? What’s more epic than gorgeous pictures on the top of a mountain?
I can tell that you will have no one on the top of the mountain.
Make sure to wear hiking boots and warm clothes

Legal details in BC

Do not forget to take care all of the legal details. Getting married in BC is relatively easy: all you need is a marriage licence, an officiant and two witnesses. And that’s it!!!

How to dress for an elopement

Just because you are eloping doesn’t mean that you don’t have to treat yourself. Get a special dress, not necessarily something expensive, still have in your mind that it is your wedding day! If you have not idea where to get your dress in a Vancouver Bridal shops, here is our article to advice you.

The cost of eloping

Sit down together with your partner, we highly recommend advice to do a budget, even if you have discounts from vendors.
Try to remember what you want to pay and plan accordingly:

  • Flights if you are going to another country,
  • Identified a place where you want to do your elopement and book a package with an elopement company for more simplicity
  • Officiant,
  • Bridal dress + suit,
  • Flowers,
  • Photographer and videographer to document your day (could be included into the wedding/elopement company).
    However, we recommend getting in touch with them before the day to make sure that chemistry is here.
    This will allow you to show your wedding to family and friends who could not be there.

Last tips…

  • Explain “why” you decided to choose elopement: your inner circle may not understand, but you have the right to have your reasons
  • Hire a local photographer and videographer to document your big day
  • If you are going to elope in another country, make sure to check the law first: each country has his proper rules
  • Book your travel in advance
  • Find your vendors and don’t be afraid to ask them special pricing
  • Well… if you want to elope, it’s your choice! This is an opportunity to create something unique with your partner. So, be brave and make the decision that feels right for you
  • Be yourselves as always
  • And if you’re looking for more information about our elopement services, get in touch with us for more info.