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Backyard wedding ceremony

Choosing the location of your wedding ceremony means officially launching the preparations for this very special day for you. You want to have a wedding in your garden? Then why not organize it in your yard or in your parents’ house yard.

Whether it’s a small wedding or a big one, planning your wedding day in a place that is not the first vocation requires a very particular preparation, so here are my little tips to help you.


Wanting to get married outside is a great idea, but when you plan your wedding date twelve or eighteen months in advance, it’s impossible to predict the weather on the big day.

So have a plan B to accommodate all your guests in a dry and sheltered place, such as a barn or a nice tent for example, if the weather should turn nasty.

You can also decide to set up an open tent, which will protect everyone from the rain while enjoying nature.

And if the rain can be the worst enemy of your wedding, so can the heat.
So plan small shaded areas to protect your guests from the sun during the day. Also, pamper them with fans, umbrellas, refreshments, plaids and mosquito repellent to avoid sunstroke, cold or untimely bites.


You can’t decorate the outside ceremony like you would do for an indoor ceremony.

Weigh down all the elements of your decor so that they do not fly away at the slightest gust of wind: protect the candles in glass lanterns, avoid paper place cards that could scatter, etc.


Choosing to get married in a garden means deciding to welcome all your guests in one place for a day.

In order for your guests to enjoy their day without stepping on each other, be careful not to choose a venue that is too small. Also think of delimiting the spaces, which will guide the festivities throughout the day.


Why not get married in your garden, as long as your guests can enjoy all the amenities present in a more traditional place.

Think in particular about the installation of washrooms outside, to avoid the use of yours inside your home.
To combine convenience, ecology and style, choose wooden dry toilets, which will blend in perfectly with your natural decor.


Organizing a wedding ceremony at home also means welcoming dozens of guests at home, guests who will most often travel by car.

Make sure you can park your guests in a parking lot near your home, in a field at your disposal or in a yard lent by a kind neighbor. If necessary, ask the town hall to find out about parking arrangements in your town.

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