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Civil marriage

What kind of ceremony do you want for your wedding?

What we like in British Columbia is the mix of the culture and traditions: Canada is the land where all the cultures have been mixed, and you can find any culture: Asian, Indian, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant etc…

When you plan your shot list with your photographer, you might consider some shots for your religious or civil ceremony, such as Chinese tea ceremony, the traditional ceremony with an officiant marriage.

What to have in mind for your ceremony?

When we planned our wedding with Yannick, it came up that we have some traditions: he is a mix of French and African, and I am Cambodian.

Of course, we have to consult our parents to have a religious ceremony, and we get them involved during our wedding preparation.
We love the way they want to include traditions on our wedding day, because at the end, that day represents your culture as well.

Most frequently over the years, traditions remain for our couples: from civil marriage to the Catholic or Indian rituals, they usually planned this kind of things with their parents during their wedding journey

The traditional tea ceremony with your relatives

In Asia, the tea ceremony is quintessential. The Chinese wedding tea ceremony is the time to honor your parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles. It is also the moment where the bride and the groom exchange their vows in front of your relatives.

Given the tea is an important part of Chinese culture: bride and groom are expected to serve tea and in exchange, they received jewelry or red envelop.

In this section, we will try to guide you as much as possible: what is the signification of a wedding tea ceremony? What do you need? How long will the ceremony be? What gifts should you give to the bride and groom?

What do you have to wear? Which colors? What decorations should you have? When to perform the Chinese tea ceremony? Who could officiate your wedding tea ceremony? What to say during the ceremony? Who should you assign to help you set up?

The ceremony with an officiant marriage

During your wedding journey, some couples will choose to have a ceremony with an officiant marriage.

An officiant could be either a marriage commissioner or a religious representative to perform the marriage ceremony.
She or he will help you to complete the marriage registration form and sent it to the Vital Statistics Agency. Within three weeks, you will receive by mailbox your legal marriage certificate

The wedding ceremony in a church

From several centuries, people say I do in god’s house and in front of their families. The wedding church ceremony is certainly a key moment of your day.

The after ceremony

Congratulations! You are officially married now. The civil ceremony makes you a happy husband and wife.

One of the important thing to have in mind in your wedding shots list will be the after ceremony photos, where the bride and groom can take a moment to have some pictures with both families, friends, the wedding party and of course, pictures of the bride and groom

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