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Bridesmaid dresses Canada

An exciting experience with your girls

During the getting ready photos, you will be surrounded by your bridesmaids and your maid of honor. There was of course a lot of work to choose your bridesmaids: you have planned everything to ask them and to see if they want to be a part of your wedding. With all this work done, you may also have to choose your bridesmaids dresses and especially, bridesmaids dresses in Canada. 

Bride: getting ready photos

One of my favorites moments during a wedding day will definitely when we shoot the bride. Intimate moment, it is like a very peaceful and beauty moment, when she can have some relaxing moment, alone or with her mum.

We usually have in mind what to shoot during the wedding day with our bride, we do not want to miss any moment with her. And above all, this is a particular moment for her. After all, she will have some pictures when they will be delivered and she will reminiscing these moments.

Get a little bit of extra portraiture during the day makes and creates some actions and photojournalism through the album

Bride and bridesmaids: what should you shoot with your girls squad?

The most exciting part during your wedding day and before heading to the ceremony will be these little moments with your girls squad: sharing a piece of cake, pop up some champagne, have some drinks and maybe some gossip.

Also, when the bridesmaids will get dressed, you will see how lovely and beautiful they will be for your Big Day!

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