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Getting ready photos

A must-have for your wedding pictures

Here we are! After months of planning, stress and little fights with your mum and mother-in-law, your wedding day is finally here. Getting ready pictures must be a part of your wedding shots list. Waking up on the morning of your wedding will always be a little weird, because it is a mix of excitement and stress. It is definitely not a bad thing, tough! So perhaps, these little pre-wedding festivities while you are getting your hair and makeup done, surrounded by your bridesmaids and mother will be the moments that you would need and appreciate.

Today we are going to develop what would be your main shots for your getting ready pictures

Little details to capture

These little details to capture before you tie the knots are always appreciate by our lovely couples. While you are in the earlier stages of getting ready, Yannick and I like to concentrate on shooting the ambiance and atmosphere. Of course the bride’s shots might take longer, but groom, don’t be jealous: you will also have some moments with your gals 🙂

The Flat Lay: stationery, rings,

Meaningful items have to be included in the flat lay wedding photography. Flat Lay is a pretty easy thing but actually, it is the contrary. However, once everything is setting up, you will see the beauty and how the photos turn to be a romantic thing!

Remember that every photographer has their own creativity to shot the flat lay, so they will put their own unique twist, so the options are endless

Bride and Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are all dressed in their matching robes, you are about to be set up by the makeup artist, the bridesmaids dresses Canada are hanging on the wall near to your wedding dress! These little moments with your bridesmaids will definitely have to be captured during the morning of your wedding day

Groom and Groomsmen

We always talk about the bride’s wedding dress, but what about the wedding suits for men ? We always want to make sure that the groom and his gals will also have his shots on the wedding day. Especially moments with the dad and the grandfather are always priceless moments

Where to do my getting ready photos?

Getting ready at home could be stressed out: it could take a few hours and your mum could ask you again tons of questions (trust me based on our experience, mums are always like that) Therefore, it is important to have an area that offers you tranquility, calm and relaxed place, like at a hotel Vancouver specialized in wedding. The hotel or bridal suites are usually decorated beautifully, so can be a great thing to take advantage of

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