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Where to buy wedding photo albums

Where should you get wedding album photo?

A lot of brides want to create their wedding album by themselves as they can control of the quantity, the importance of each photo, and how they want to tell their story inside the wedding album. With our digital world, there is no doubt that you will have plenty of websites. But beyond the choice of your website, the quality of your wedding photos must be account.

Today, we will focus on where you should get your wedding album

Finding your creativeness through your wedding photos

Before finding the website, here are some of our tips to have a successful wedding album:

  • Overwhelmed by the mountain of wedding photos? Sort through them: remove duplicates, photos are not well cropped or blurry ones
  • Choose the quantity of the photos: depends on the pages of your wedding album, don’t feel obligated to include all of your pictures. Include what is important for you
  • Organize your photos as a story: then make a sort of timeline in your wedding album: as an example, Bride’s and Groom’s preparation, first look with your dad or your parents, first look with your hubby, ceremony, formal couple pictures, families pictures and reception
  • Find your style: there are a tons of album layouts and covers online. Leather? Classic? Velvet? Rustic? find yours as your own style
  • Select your paper: we suggest you heading to a specialty stationery store or print shop to see what the paper looks like. Sometimes, by internet you do not have any idea, touch them physically will allow you to find what you are looking for
  • Check their shipping costs
  • Ask your parents’ opinion: always a good way to have their opinion and their thoughts about your special day. You might also consider your wedding album as a gift to them. So their opinion is also worth it to be considered

Our favorite website:

Mlik: the master of handcrafted photo books!

From $45, they have spent 50 years to invent the art of making beautiful books. They have 3 type of photo albums:

  • Classic photo album: is the most affordable offering and their bestseller
  • Premium album: superior to the classic one, it will allow you to have more choices of the cover and colors
  • Luxury album: up to four choice of four Italian leathers and thirty-five covers design.

We will create something meaningful as a treasure

At the end, it does not matter where or how much does it cost to you, because you will create something meaningful for you. Keep that in mind, this treasure is the best way to share your souvenirs. Having an album printed as a gift to your parents will be something they will treasure forever.

With C&Y, we are always aiming to create this treasure in your hands: made with love, we will pay attention to any tiny details that make a difference. As always, we will reflect your story with a mix of little fun and incorporate our love to you.

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