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Create my own wedding album

With digital files, we forget how magical is a tangible photos album.
If you want to feel this magic, there is nothing more exhilarating than holding a wedding album designed by yourself
with the photos coming from your wedding photographer package.

Strangely, there is much more photos lost on the digital era than back in the ages of film.
The reason is printed books or scrapbooking with photos are something created by your own.
You are emotionally more attached to what you create and what you can touch.

After spending several hours of designing your photo books, you will keep it in a safe place close from your see and heart.

Reveal your photos album creation in emotions

This will be the part of your creativity once you received your wedding pictures.
A lot of brides decide to design their printed wedding album by themselves, with a price comparison in mind factoring by the price of software.
The reason why they wanted to make by themselves is because they wanted to control what went in, what went where and the whole design.

Sometimes, your canvas printing made by a third party does not have the knowledge of who should be included in your wedding album.

Before designing an album by your own and if you want yours created by your wedding photographer, ask her or him to have your approval before printing.
That way, you can see if you like the editing and composition.

Your wedding album is a way to reminisce your day

At the end, it is your call to make this wedding album, but the most important thing is to have a wedding album at least!

With Céline & Yannick, we always give the option of the printed book to our lovely clients.
We always design your wedding photo album with our vision, creativity, inspiration and behind that, your unique story.

Holding a wedding photo album will make you go back to this special day:
from your tea ceremony to your first look to your dad or parents, we are positive that you will shed tears!

How much is a wedding photo album by a photographer?

The price of the traditional wedding albums in Canada can vary widely: different prices for different photographers.
The typical wedding album created by your wedding photographer could be included in your wedding package.
However, the wedding album price could also be an option to your package.

Where can I create my own photo album?

With internet, a lot of brides and grooms create their own photo album from scratch and by internet.
Depends on what you are looking for, the price could vary.

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