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Full day coverage wedding photography

How many hours to book your wedding photographer?

When your wedding journey begins, you will become a project manager:
from your caterer to your wedding photographer package, you will obviously be in touch with multiple vendors and organize your wedding day with a specific schedule from bride’s and groom’s preparation to the reception at the end of the day.

With this timeline, you will definitely ask yourself “how many hours you have to book your wedding photographer for”, which leads us to “should you have a full day coverage wedding photography?”

What will be a decent time for a full day coverage?

Of course, if a photographer will say that his full day coverage will be 4 hours, run away! We have experienced several weddings in our life, but the wedding schedule will typically look like this:

  • Bride’s and groom’s preparation
  • First look with the dad or parents
  • Ceremony
  • Couple portraits
  • Wedding party and formal photos
  • Reception

And the timeline is about 8 to 9 hours on average.
This will cover your full day wedding pictures for an average size wedding (most likely 120-150 people) Even though 8 hours seems like a lot of time, this works the best for weddings.
Especially if your wedding photographer has to drive 3 different locations between the church, wedding ceremony and wedding venue.

Additional parts would include traditional customs:

Your schedule and organization will always help you to have an idea of the hours covered by your wedding photographer.
Taking a full day coverage or not, you might consider your photographer’s opinion.
She or he will be the best person to ask for and will know exactly how many hours you would need for your wedding day.

With C&Y Photography, we never count our hours

Be ensure that we will always capture your moments with never counting our hours.
We do not want to miss any piece of moments, because what matters to you, matters to us.
Your North stars will be our North stars and we will capture them perfectly as well as any intimate moments during that day.

Trust us, we will never count our hours. Why? Because capture North stars moments are priceless.

What is the price for a full day coverage?

Different photographers will have different price for a full day coverage.
Depends on what you will need, it can widely vary from $2,400 to $10,000: if your photographer has different wedding packages.
For the most part, you will see an average of 2 to 3 packages:

  • Classic package: 6 hours coverage
  • Premium package: 8 hours coverage
  • Luxury package: 10 hours coverage

What time my photographer should arrive at my wedding day?

Happy wedding day! Your big day Is finally here.
You are bit stressed by your mom who tries to manage the last details or your dad who might forget to pick your wedding bouquet. Just kidding! 🙂

You are just about to prepare yourself with your bridesmaids after having a good breakfast or lunch with your family.
Preparation will have to be captured by your wedding photographer.
What time should your photographer arrived your wedding day?

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