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Officiant marriage

Find your wedding officiant

The person who marries you has to be qualified and she or he should be somebody you feel comfortable with. Different types of wedding officiants do exist: civil marriage will be somebody at the Courthouse and will be responsible for validating the consent of your marriage between the bride and the groom. Some of our couples choose to hire a wedding officiant for their big day.

What would be the main shots during the ceremony?

For a photographer, every detail is super important and we can not forget about any details during your day. That is why when we met you during our coffee date, we always come up with a wedding shots list and ask you what are the main shots you would like or what do you want us to shot. Generally speaking, during the ceremony there is no surprise: we shot the wedding decoration, the set up, the guests or relatives, the entrance etc…

Scroll down if you want to see the main shots during your wedding ceremony!

The ambiance and decoration set up

You spent so much time to work with your florist and the wedding planner or whoever worked with you to set up your wedding decoration. Many many many hours spent and finally your decorations are what you have been dreamed of! Every detail count of course. The truth is, when you shot at a wedding, you also have to keep in mind all the details that your bride and groom were hardly work on it: they have put so much effort on it.

The guests

Get there early: you might arrive about half hour before the ceremony starts. Always shot the guests and their smiles. Catch each moment, especially when the relatives or the parents of both sides are welcoming the people. These behind the scenes pictures are always appreciate by the bride and groom, since they can not see them until their entrance.

The entrance

All the guests are now sitting down, the ceremony can start! Every entrance is sometimes different: depends on if your wedding is religious or not, at the church the entrance must have an order. But the main entrance should be: bridesmaids and groomsmen, groom and his mum, maid of honor and man of honor, and finally, bride and her father or both parents

The walking down the aisle

Most epic moment during the ceremony, the walking down the aisle by the father of the bride or for both parents if it is the case. It’s the first time your guest will see you in your beautiful wedding dress and marks your marriage journey starts. Walking down the aisle becoming more common for some brides to do it in a non-traditional way

The bride and the groom

Here we are, you are about to day “I do” to your partner. What would be the main shots that your photographer and videographer have to capture? No pressure for that, Yannick and myself always prepare these shots prior to your wedding day

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