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Wedding church ceremony

If the civil marriage celebrated by an officiant has more and more success every day, many couples still wish to get married in the church.

Here is some information on the meaning and conditions of a religious wedding.

Want to know more about the meaning of a religious wedding and what it means for your couple? Then read on.

Why having a wedding in a church ?

First of all, why do some couples choose to marry religiously? Religious marriage is a sacrament. To be united before God is to ask for his blessing and protection, but also to commit to living their life as a couple according to the values of their religion and to raise their children in the Christian faith.

It is a spiritual step taken by the couple. Various preparation sessions will be organized with the priest in order to discuss the importance of marriage, couple life, fidelity, etc.

How ?

If you wish to be married before God, there are a few criteria that must be met in order to do so.

First of all, you cannot have been married in the church before.
You must be baptized.

How to select a church ?

Choosing the place where you want to get married is a key point to launch your wedding preparations in the church. It is from this place that the whole ceremony will flow.

It will participate in the memory, in the commemoration of this happy event. You will therefore want to choose a church for which you feel a minimum of affection. In general, engaged couples get married in the church where they live.

If the couple is not yet living together, the bride’s church is often preferred.

However, some couples choose to get married in another church, which is also quite possible.
In reality, nothing is impossible.

Once the location of the wedding has been determined, the real organization begins.

First, contact the person in charge of the selected church. The person in charge will ask the priest in charge for authorization.

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