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Wedding reception

The complete guide to taking your wedding reception shots

The couple will be the focal point on any wedding day, but what is a wedding without our beloved ones? The family and the guests are as much crucial as the couple:  your wedding shot list must include these shots. Today we are going to talk about what would be the wedding reception shots.

Wedding reception shots

From your getting ready pictures to your ceremony pictures, you don’t want to miss any moments during your wedding day. Here comes the wedding reception and it is going to be a big moment for the bride and groom. From the wedding venue to the cake cutting, below will be the main shots that you want to capture during your wedding reception

Wedding venue

After all the time you spent for choosing and visiting all the venues, make sure that your photographer will capture the beautiful wedding venue that you picked up! Make sure to also have shots such as: the welcome sign, the tables, the centerpieces, the decoration and the flowers


The day is almost done! And you are about to do the grand entrance at the wedding venue: not to mention that your bridesmaids and groomsmen will know who will enter first, second, third… and finally your turn! Kick off your entrance in a fun way like: dancing or even skating!

The toasts

What a beautiful moment to capture for both families and the couple to have these wedding toasts happened during your big day: the newlyweds, the parents, the wedding party, and other family members toasts are typically a traditional way to thank the hosts and of course, a good excuse to shed some tears and have some embarrassing moments when your parents will tell your childhood stories to the audience

The first dance

Another memorable to have in your wedding album would be your first dance: traditionally, the first dance with the couple kicks off the dancing portion of the reception. However, depends on how you have planned your timeline. Also don’t forget to have and include a father-daughter and mother-son dances: a time to honor and recognize your parent in your life

Dance Party

This is the moment where all the guests are waiting for: the dancing party! Got any moves to show? Let’s go to the dance floor and spread your good moves!

The cake cutting

The wedding cake has been a symbolic detail and remains popular nowadays: many couples will just choose to cut the wedding cake during the evening. A perfect way to celebrate your new life as a couple. Of course, smashing is optional

The bride and groom send off

The first dance is done and the cake has been cut! Now it’s time for your wedding exit: what should you do for your exit? Send sky lanterns, throw flower petals, wedding sparklers? Depends on how crazy you are of course! We will love any idea that you have

Unforgettable moments

Your wedding day will be something that you will treasure forever: the wedding reception has some epic moments and unforgettable moments, such as father-daughter or mother-son dances. Don’t worry about how perfect would be these moments, just enjoy them as they aressssssss

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