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Wedding shot list : an essential step in your wedding journey

Your wedding photographer just sent you your wedding photos and you are so excited to see them with your husband!
They are so beautiful, but you are a bit disappointed…

It is because you did not see any picture with your auntie “Martha” or your uncle “Ethan”.
So how to avoid this disappointment?

The solution is simple: create a wedding shots list.

The wedding photographer that you choose with your heart, will guide you during your wedding day.
With her/his experience, your photographer will know the must-have pictures.
However, you could not take any risk of missing a shot with your beloved ones, right?
And having a suggested wedding shot list is the best way to ensure that your photographer captures the right moments.

From bride’s and groom’s preparation to wedding party pictures, and families pictures, you won’t forget anything !
Here are our tips as photographers

What is a wedding shot list?

Like every list in the world, a wedding shot list will contain the must-have pictures you are expecting to see.
There are a ton of wedding shot list by searching in internet. If you want to see some wedding shot templates, check those links out.

This list will be given to your photographer prior to your wedding day.
But the best advice we can give you is to work this wedding shot list with him or her.
As her or his experience, the photographer will already know which shots you want to keep forever.
However, working with your photographer is always a good way to have everyone on the same page.

Getting ready photos

Getting ready pictures are priceless moments, especially if you are getting ready with your mom or dad.

We are here all the way to capture these getting ready photos ! Almost all of our customers said that intimates moments are the favourite to them.

Why ? Because they simply forgot about it. Remembering these small details means the world to them and us.

First look

When we think about the first look, we all have in mind the bride and groom, right ?

We will make sure to have your first look photos of you and your husband to be. We also love to get the first look of the bride with her father or the bride with her grandmother.

This is one more time, the mission that we have in wedding photography , capture your north stars and intimate moments with them!

Civil marriage

The wedding ceremony is probably one of the key moment to capture. Yes, Celine will capture the bride and groom moments and Yannick will be focus on your circle.

We will make sure to have your tears and also dad’s + mom’s tears. We are always working together.
You can be reinsured that we will not miss the key shots

Wedding reception

The entrance of Mr and Mrs, toasts, first dance together and with your parents to finally end up on the dance floor ! This is the fun part, when everybody is relaxed and ready to party.

The wedding reception photos are the funny part of your wedding.
Being two photographers lead to beautiful photos of the action itself as well as your guests’ reaction.

Invisible along the reception, we will capture your laugh, tears and hugs 🙂

Why would you need a wedding shot list?

There will be no doubt that your wedding day will be the best day of your life.
Your families and friends will be here for you to celebrate your union.
And after the morning after your wedding day, you will have more emotions, once the wedding photographer will deliver your photos.

When we got married, we were lucky to work our must-have pictures with our photographer.
That way, he knew the wedding photos we wanted.
Your must-have photos is a crucial step in your wedding preparation, and you do not have to skip it.

Here are the main reasons :

  • You will not be disappointed because your photographer will know who and what to shot
  • Your pictures and wedding album will be the only things that you will have after your wedding day
  • Working your wedding shot list with your photographer is always a good way to build your relationship with him or her

Reminiscing your wedding day through pictures

When you hire a photographer for your wedding day, you hire someone who trust your vision.
And beyond that, he or she will capture your memories beyond your expectations.
Our mission is and will always be to ensure our vision, and that’s extremely important for both sides.

After your wedding day, the only tangible thing you will have is your wedding pictures.
Those are the ones which bring you back: from walking down the aisle to your fist look, even a silly picture with your cousin will be captured.
And we are sure that you will shed happy tears! 🙂

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