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Choosing a wedding photographer

Pictures will be the only thing that you will keep in your wedding day. Your amazing flowers will fade, the caterer and his amazing food will be in your bellies, and the venue you choose will host more weddings. So choosing a wedding photographer is a crucial step in your preparation

Yes, it is essential, as well as the choice of your wedding dress or your makeup artist. There are a plenty of photographers, and you do not know how to choose your wedding photographer? We understand your point, and you don’t know how to start. Here is a simple methodology to find the perfect wedding photographer to reflect your big day

Choose your photographer who trust your vision

It is important to choose vendors you enjoy and with who it is easy to work with before your big day. A choice of wedding photographer is the most important one, because you will spend your entire day with her or him. If we can put a metaphor, this person will be your third wheel.

Receiving 10 emails answers from your initial short list of photographers, will not make your decision about your wedding photographer. Through emails or text messages, your photographer can be reactive and answering to your concerns. Well, it is a good sign to your photographer choice.

However, we highly recommend meeting in person and feel how is the connection with your photographer. Meet the human being behind the photographer will very likely make your decision. Indeed, meet your wedding vendors is like a first date with your future husband 🙂

  • Do you feel connected with her or him?
  • Does she or he understand your needs?
  • Does this person is curious about your story?
  • How does this person work?
  • What is her or his organization?
  • Can she or he show me one of his wedding album?

Don’t be shy to ask them a tons of questions and ask if she or he can show you a full wedding portfolio.

With C&Y Photography, our vision is reflected in our pictures and especially in our personalities. When you will meet us in person, you will see Céline laughing so loud in the coffee shop and Yannick will feel so embarrassed, you will also see Yannick talking about his favorite pizza recipe. And from both of us, you can tell our passion and reasons of documenting each unique story. Our values are not faked and this will be seen perfectly in your wedding day

Should my photographer know the venue?

It will be a common question when you will book your wedding photographer one year before your big day: is your choice of the photographer has to be based on the knowledge of the venue ? In other words, does your photographer ever shot your wedding venue previously?

And what if she or he does not know your wedding venue?

What is the most important for you: a photographer who knows the venue or a photographer who knows you as a unique love story and unique human being ?

Does my photographer have the style of photography that I like?

Which type of photography style you prefer? Choosing your wedding photographer is also about the type of his photography. Do you prefer a photographer who is specialized in fine art style, dramatic style, black and white style, formal-posed style or candid moments etc…

If there is a special style you love, make sure to go through his portfolio.

Do an engagement shot first

You finally choose your photographer, but you want to try how does this person work and how you will feel connected with her or him. That is totally normal: you can do an engagement shot first. This session will allow you for both parties to see how your connection  will be? Do you guys get along well? Do you feel this person can reflect my wedding day?

Again, if you do not feel comfortable with your photographer, this could be a nightmare for your wedding day!

Define the budget you want to spend for

How much do you want to spend for choosing the great photographer? Define the budget you want to spend for with your partner This budget in your Excel file does not have to be the right one and could be just:

  • A range: I want to spend between $3,000 and $4,000
  • A threshold: I do not want to spend over $5,000


All wedding vendors have the same priceless speeches about their services. The truth is every service has a price, but discussion should not be only about average cost.
This is particularly true on artistic service like wedding photography.

Beyond the average cost of a wedding photographer, there is a why the photographer is doing wedding photography instead of dog photography for example.

Find first the why of the photographer you want to hire and then compare his offer to the average wedding photographer cost in your area.

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