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Small wedding ceremony

With the pandemic, our lovely couples discovered a new intimate way to get married.

There are several ways to celebrate your love with your small circle while keeping an unforgettable day for a lifetime.

If you want to get married to the love of your life with only a few people:
find a cute place, an officiant or a commissioner, a Vancouver wedding photographer and you are ready!

In a small venue, a park, or in the backyard of your parents, we will adapt our photos to give you the best wedding pictures of yourself surrounded by your small circle.

Where would we go to have a small wedding ceremony ?

If you have a place with a special meaning, this is the place to go and it would be perfect to get even more emotions!

A wedding ceremony in a place where your heart is deeply connected and which brings a lot of happy tears would be a lifetime memory.

However, if you don’t have such a place in mind, the good news is you will have one after your small wedding ceremony!

Let’s think one minute, are you more city vibes, mountain vibes, or beach?

Can you imagine your special day in that place?

If you are like me, I am sure that you are already looking for small ceremony ideas on Pinterest!

It is ok if you have started to create 10 mood boards on Pinterest with your small wedding’s inspiration!
If your half is like Yannick, you need a friend to share all your ideas!
If you recognize yourself, I am sure that we will be a good match so don’t be shy and let’s connect 😉

Meantime, let’s see if I can be any help by showing you different small wedding vibes through our small wedding portfolios.

An elopement in Vancouver

An elopement is a very intimate way to get married. Often taking place in a dreamy destination, Vancouver is a perfect choice for an elopement.

Indeed, Vancouver has plenty of dreamy landscapes with its beaches, or in a summit of one of our wonderful B.C mountains.

If your plan is to be very intimate, in addition to be your wedding photographer, we also can be your witnesses.
Indeed, It is mandatory in British Columbia, to have 2 people to sign the wedding paperwork.

Morgan Creek golf course wedding

This is a classic spot, a golf course with their garden!

Yes, you can have a small wedding in a golf course and Morgan creek golf course is the perfect place for that.

With plenty of green areas and a dedicated garden for a wedding ceremony, this is a perfect spot.

Farm wedding

Select a farm If you like nature and to be surrounded by fields, dogs, and goats.

Our first farm wedding was at the small yellow farm in Maple Ridge.
It was an incredible discovery for us and our couple found that place at the very last minute.
The cafe with its small pergolas is a nice choice for an intimate wedding in a farm.

Micro wedding in Kitsilano beach

A classic boho wedding is to have a micro wedding in Kitsilano beach.

Kristin and Shawn got their first date in this park and decided to have their wedding ceremony in this park.
They choose to have their intimate wedding near Kitsilano beach.

Our couple circle includes 2 bunnies.
It is the perfect example of an intimate wedding in a special place with friends and pets 😉

Intimate Wedding Ceremony at Pavilion

An intimate wedding ceremony at a pavilion can be a beautiful and unique way to exchange vows. Pavilions offer a picturesque outdoor setting that can be decorated to suit the couple’s style.

They often feature large open spaces, natural light, and views of surrounding nature.

This type of venue can provide a private and romantic atmosphere for the couple and their closest family and friends. It’s a great option for those looking for a smaller, more personal wedding ceremony. Additionally, many pavilions offer rental packages which can include chairs, tables, and other amenities, making it easy to plan the perfect intimate ceremony.

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